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Learn to Cook: Easy, Satisfying, Delicious & Healthy!

Have a hankering for something? Homemade chili? Spinach Artichoke Dip? Brownies?

Now, I am not a good cook. I am learning. 10 months ago, I could make eggs, boil chicken and pan cook a steak. That was it. With the tip below, I now have 5 go-to, easy, delicious and high quality recipes that make me seem like a great cook. Are you ready?

Use the search term "paleo" in your google search! E.g. paleo chili, paleo brownies... It's so easy! Think of what you want to eat, then google "paleo" + "[food name]." Next, use what ingredients you have and skip the ingredients in the recipe that you don't have. Perfection is not the answer, creating food IS!

I am not 100% paleo, but one fundamental concept behind paleo eating is MINIMALLY PROCESSED foods (a critical component of good health). Paleo is also gluten free! Enjoy your cooking!

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