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Here's what our clients are saying:​

“I was so concerned about my son, he was showing strong signs of Tourette's Syndrome. He was suffering in school with uncontrollable head swings. I had briefly mentioned it to my doctor and she suggested that we see a pediatric psychiatrist. The psychiatrist saw all of the signs of Tourette's but said that we must see a neurologist to official diagnose this. When Jolie saw his condition, she immediately went to work asking lots of questions. She determined he was experiencing a severe magnesium deficiency. Incredibly we changed his diet, added magnesium rich foods and within days his Tourette's ticks stopped. Two weeks later when we went to the neurologists appointment the ticks were gone and the neurologist said that my son showed no signs of Tourette's Syndrome! Jolie has always held a strong belief that food is medicine and my son truly benefited from this wisdom.My son's teachers and school psychologist were amazed. During a meeting for my son's annual review at school, I was asked to explain what i did with my son, because there were other children who were suffering with similar conditions. I hope it helped these families as well.Thanks Jolie!!

Becky from Buffalo, New York​

“You have made quite an impression on Lauren and given her a chance to heal her body. And you have put a spark in me as well that is allowing me to feel better and change my life. Just what I needed too. You change peoples lives through food, now that is power. Go Girl "

Karen from Baltimore, Maryland

“I’ve had a fight with my weight for years between not eating right and not knowing what was good to eat. Working with Erin during our training was so beneficial since she opened my eyes to so many nutritious foods I’d never seen or heard of! I’ve learned about super foods that naturally give you energy like Acai and Maca along with Cacao (a wonderful, natural and healthy chocolate :), dragon fruits, goji berries, wheatgrass and so many other foods that naturally increase energy and immunity. I have since continued working on my health and have had the motivation to keep my weight down by eating all the good things.Thanks Erin and good luck with everything you are doing!! 

Anniemarie from Ft Leonard Wood, Missouri

Great News Jolie, things are looking better, I think the last of the eczema on my legs are going smooth. I have learned a lot on this journey. The other spots that I had initially have not popped up again, which is great!  Thank you very much for your guidance.

Curtis from Atlantic, Georgia

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