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Birth Control Pills – Not so Free

Birth Control Pills – Not so Free

Birth control pills may be free however, they are not free of problems and serious side effects. In the past six months I have worked with four young ladies, all complaining of severe digestive disorders from stomach pain to gas. In many cases, they have visited multiple professionals from general practitioners to gastroenterologists and submitted themselves to various expensive tests. In the end, they received a potpourri of medications and/or recommendations. None of which addressed the source of the problem, birth control pills.

Young girls are often placed on birth control pills to reduce the pain and irregularity of their menstrual. Sadly, medical professionals do not question why the menstrual may be irregular or painful. The prescription pad is a faster and easier solution, covering up the problem without addressing possible modifications to lifestyle or diet. After 6 months to a few years, a young lady will find herself, unwell, gassy, experiencing digestive disorders, weight gain and a general feeling of low energy.Could this be you or someone you know? Making the decision to eliminate birth control pills will need the support of your loved one, however, most important is your health and wellbeing. Your body is simply trying to tell you the birth control pill is not an option.


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