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  • Jolie McShane

Open Letter to Baby Charlie's Parents

Nothing is stronger than the love parents have for their children. It is the strongest bond known to mankind. A parent will do anything to save their child’s life. However, Charlie’s parents have been removed from any decision making concerning his short life. The British courts, medical doctors and faceless bureaucrats will decide his fate. What we are witnessing with Charlie’s situation is socialized medicine taking control of our lives and that of our children. How and when did we as a civilization allow this to happen? Why do bureaucrats have more control of over our children and health than we as free citizens? You may be thinking, this only happens in UK?

Here in the USA bureaucrats and medical doctors are using the “child abuse” accusation to force parental compliance and worse yet kidnap their children. Case after case escapes the main stream media. A website dedicated to stories of “medical kidnapping” taking place here in the United States is truly eye opening.

What can you do to prevent our government from taking over our bodies and dictating how we medically treat our children? Stand strong, do not let the medical community or bureaucrats bully you.

Why is this happening? Is it MONEY? Once the state takes custody of a child the hospital will receive full payment from the state for all the hospital care: ( Or perhaps the medical doctor or hospital want to cover up a medical error:

Blessed am I this medical kidnapping did not occur when I refused immunizations for my lethargic 4 month old son covered with severe eczema. My tiger mother instincts took over, with bundled infant I bolted out of the doctor’s office. Twenty years later, it is known that babies with severe eczema will die of a staph infection within 72 hours of the immunizations.

We are a free nation and as such we need to keep our freedom of personal health decisions for ourselves and our children. Combat the “child abuse” strong arm tacit, make your own decisions.

To Charlie’s parents, stand your ground, keep fighting, let God guide your decisions, not bureaucrats.

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