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“Old Food Brands Struggle” – Wall Street Journal July 2017

Updated: Apr 10, 2020

The title grabbed my attention “Old Food” is a perfect term for food that has long since lost its nutritional value. Did the author intend the double meaning? Let’s apply my “old food” definition and the article is way more entertaining!

The article’s premise, big box food producers are losing market share to fresh, organic, unprocessed and highly nutritious foods. “Processed food producers have been slow to meet the changing market”, translated Americans woke up to the idea of better food, equals better health. Eliminate the old (processed) foods from your diet and miracles happen.

One of my favorite quotes, “many brands didn’t move fast enough…to meet customer demand, Nestle cut sugar in its Nesquick..General Foods removed artificial food dyes for Trix cereal. Oscar Mayer scrapped added nitrates from its hot dogs (but still uses nitrates), improved the taste of Hamburger Helper by using real cheese (wow, think on that…what a move from fake cheese to real cheese!).” Not to be left out, Kraft Heinz said that since it removed artificial dyes sales and market share improved.

The wakeup call has been sounded, nitrates, food dyes, preservatives and “old food” is being shunned.

What’s in? Farmers markets, Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) and home cooking made simple by appliances.

Farmers markets - Google “Farmers markets near me” to find fresh abundant food at incredible prices.

Community Supported Agriculture – Google “Community Supported Agriculture near me”, I use Washington's Green Grocer, a beautiful box of organic vegetables arrives every week.

Appliances – Instant Pot is a 7-in-one appliance, I have tossed my yogurt maker, rice cooker and crockpot. New in my kitchen is the Wolfgang Puck Pressure Cooking Oven, wow talk about quick delicious roasted chicken and vegetables! Vitamix blender is used 2-3 times a day creating all sorts of food from smoothies, creamy soups, salad dressings to ice creams!

Overrun by fresh delicious foods in your kitchen? Try fermenting the summer and fall bounty, plenty of Youtube videos to guide you on this simple old fashion method. The probiotic benefits from fermented foods is amazing. Limitless are the fermented food possibilities, cucumbers, green beans, cabbage, beets..the list goes on and on. Fellow Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach Gina Rieg offered a fermented foods class last weekend, so fun!

So long “Old Food”, goodbye and good riddance.

Hello to fresh, nutritious, bountiful foods and great health!

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