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What Happened to Our Men? Why are Women Having Infertility Issues?

Overnight industries have sprung up offering surgeries and medications for gender dysphoria, invitro clinics, impotency concerns, hormone therapies and the list goes on and on. What is happening to the health of our society? Unfortunately, these issues appear to be directed at our nations’ youth. The quick and profitable response is to medicate the symptoms and / or perform surgery. Is this a sustainable practice for the future of humankind? A look at environmental factors and the use of manmade chemicals reveals we are simply disrupting our hormones.

A study performed in the late 1990’s compared Florida alligators in fresh ponds to ponds with pesticide runoff from surrounding farms. The alligators in the contaminated ponds had reproductive issues. The size of the female clutch of eggs was remarkably different than those of alligators in an uncontaminated lake. “Additionally, males from Lake Apopka (contaminated lake) had poorly organized testes and abnormally small phalli. The differences between lakes and sexes in plasma hormone concentrations of juvenile alligators remain even after stimulation with luteinizing hormone. Our data suggests that the gonads of alligator juveniles from Lake Apopka have been permanently modified in ova, so that normal steroidogenesis is not possible, and thus normal sexual maturation is unlikely.” Exposure to farm pesticides permanently damaged these alligators, and they would never be able to reproduce normally. Is it possible to draw a conclusion between these alligators’ exposure to toxic pesticides and human beings? If these alligators are sensitive to hormone disrupting pesticides, then so are human beings.

The consumption of soy products and how it affects male hormones is a controversial subject matter. “Soy infant formula, which is fed to over half a million infants per year, contains isoflavones such as genistein, which have been shown to be estrogenic at high concentrations. The developing testis is sensitive to estrogens, raising concern that the use of soy formulas may result in male reproductive toxicity.” NIH performed studies on adult men who consumed soy milk and found no correlation between soy consumption hormone disruption But measuring adult men is an entirely different issue than infant boys. Another study observed children who were breast fed compared to soy formula fed boys to form a hypothesis that the boys were more feminine. No correlation was found, but one must ask what happens to these boys later in life. Do they have lower sperm counts? Do these boys fed soy formula eventually become more feminine? Is this another example of a hormone disruptor that is affecting our future generations?

Sunblock creams and lotions are a known hormone disruptor and consequently affect ocean fish reproductive cycles. “Toxic sunscreens also directly harm fish including parrotfish, wrasse, eels, and more.” Which prompts the question, how are sunblock creams and lotions affecting our bodies? “Oxybenzone filters UV rays from the sun, but in the body, it can mimic estrogen, interfere with testosterone production and disrupt adrenal hormones.” Watch a concerned mother lather her child in sunblock thinking this is the right thing to do. Sunblock is simply another hormone disruptor our children are constantly exposed to.

The widespread use of plastics is yet another known hormone disruptor, consider that “many common plastics contain and leach hazardous chemicals, including EDCs, that are harmful to human health. These chemicals disturb the body’s hormone systems and can cause cancer, diabetes, reproductive disorders, and impact neurological impairment of developing fetuses and children, and even death.” Our children drink from plastic water bottles, plastic milk jugs, plastic baby bottles, eat from plastic storage containers, and play with plastic toys. Consequently, the amount of exposure for a child adds up to a toxic environment affecting their developing bodies. Plastics are yet another hormone disruptor our children are exposed to daily.

As demonstrated by these two charts, infertility issues and gender dysphoria are two industries that see tremendous monetary growth potential. Sadly, we continue to chase the market without exploring the cause of the problem. It is the American way to fix a health problem solely with drugs and surgical procedures, because exploring the fundamental cause of these health issues is not profitable.

Add it up from birth, children are exposed to hormone disruptors from soy baby formula, the baby bottles that leach plastic into the warmed milk or formula, to pesticides in the foods and sunblock to “protect” the child from the sun. Is it any wonder that our nation is experiencing an explosion in transgender ideology? These children have hormonal issues, not gender dysphoria. Young ladies who choose to have children are facing infertility issues and the medical industry solution is profitable infertility clinics. Is the inability to have children an infertility issue or a hormone disruption issue?

We are facing a “climate change” crisis but it has nothing to do with carbon emissions and everything to do with our toxic environment. Our health professionals are ignoring the cause of our nation’s infertility and gender affirming trends and chasing the money-making path of drugs and surgery.

Jolie McShane is a Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach practicing in the Baltimore region. She can be found at

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