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Five Tips to Quick Bone Healing

Wrist break number two within a 5-year period gives me personal experience to share with others. Am I accident prone, a klutz or do I have osteoporosis? None of these. However, as an athlete I am at a higher risk of injuries. The first wrist break happened when I fell on a snowy, icy walkway in my ski boots. It was not a bad break, but the doctor warned me that due to my age, it would take three months to heal. Not happy with that assessment, I took this on as a challenge. How quick can I heal a broken bone? When I returned after 5 weeks of embracing the protocols listed below, the doctor said I could remove the cast and be on my way. Win number one!

This year, during a tennis match, I tripped and badly broke the same wrist a second time. Surgery, a plate, seven screws, using the protocols below and six weeks later, the doctor said I was good to go play tennis. Win number two!

Here are five health coach tips for expedited bone healing using nutritional, homeopathic and herbal modalities:

1) Heal bone with bone – how simple is this concept? If you consider the minerals that are in healthy bones, why not use those mineral sources to heal your bone? How do you consume the minerals in bones? Bone broth made from scratch or by consuming a bone broth protein powder prepared for athletes.

The inexpensive mode (more work) is to make your own bone broth from grass fed, organic bones (chicken, rabbit, turkey, beef, lamb, venison, etc.). The process of making bone broth can be lengthy using the 24 hour cooking method or shortened by using an Instant Pot (pressure cooker). Recipes are everywhere on the internet; however the proper process for making bone broth can be found through the Weston Price Foundation: Drinking a cup of warm bone broth with sea salt is a lovely option or bone broth can be used as a base to make soups.

Another option and easy to incorporate in your diet is bone broth collagen protein powder by Ancient Nutrition which offers a variety of flavors including plain, vanilla and chocolate. These powders are perfect for a bone healing smoothie. The minerals found in the bone broth mirror the vitamins your body requires to heal your bone. A sample bone broth collagen smoothie is coconut water, bone broth powder and a banana, blend and drink. Simple!

2) Eat organic – This may be a big ask but think about all the chemicals and pesticides that our American food contains. These chemicals are hard on your body as is. Now you are trying to heal a broken bone on top of it all. Take this healing time to make a few lifelong adjustments to better overall health. Your broken bone will be thankful.

3) No sugar and no alcohol – I know this is tough love, but you want to calm your internal inflammation due to the injury. Sugar and alcohol not only feed the inflammation they slow the healing process by robbing your body of essential minerals required for healing. Don’t be tempted to treat yourself, it will only slow your recovery and therefore your return to the sport you love.

4) Herbal Remedies – A fabulous herbal company located in Pennsylvania takes all the guess work out of knowing which herbal remedies heal bones by offering a “Bone and Tissue Remedy.” My goodness, how terrific is that? The herbal mixture is designed to support your bones and cartilage, a perfect solution for us athletes. The ingredients include stinging nettle leaf, marshmallow root, skullcap herb and other herbs that enhance healing. If you are reading this with a broken bone, click the link and order right away!

5) Homeopathic Remedies – Europe fully embraces homeopathic remedies while the American Medical Association does not. Therefore, discussing this simple addition to your bone healing protocols with your doctor will not go very well. I have used homeopathy for years with good results. For a few bucks you have nothing to lose because there are zero side effects. The concept of homeopathy is the same as immunizations, giving the body a small amount of a healing substance and the body heals the whole.

The two homeopathic remedies for bone healing are Symphytum Officinale and Arnica Montana which cost no more than $10.00 per vial. These remedies are available through Amazon or at your local health food store. I started with 5 pellets (tiny pills) three times a day and then tapered down to once a day toward the 5-week mark.

Just to put it out there, raw milk is a super food and super bone healer! Pasteurized milk is sterile and has synthetic vitamins A and D added after all the processing. What does this tell you? The final pasteurized, homogenized milk contains no natural vitamins (minerals yes) and no digestive enzymes. This is why so many elderly people cannot tolerate milk since all the nutrients and digestive enzymes have been cooked out.

Newsflash, here in Maryland YOU can obtain raw milk! Three options are available, drive to Saubel’s Markets in Shrewsbury, PA where you can buy raw milk on the grocery store shelf (it’s legal in Pennsylvania). Your second option is to join a local cooperative and pick up raw milk once a week at a drop off location. There are drop off locations in Towson, Pikesville and all-round Baltimore County. Check out these two companies:

By incorporating nutritional, herbal and homeopathic tips into your bone healing regimen, you will have a faster and more efficient recovery. I recommend using all these protocols to get yourself back to an active lifestyle.

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