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#3 Energy Management: Part 1

Energy Management Part 1: Eat to GAIN energy

When you finish a meal, you should feel energized. To think that we are "supposed" to feel lethargic after lunch is a bit backwards. Conventional, yes... yet backwards. We should be eating foods which GIVE us energy. We should be eating whole foods. Whole foods are those which look, feel, taste exactly as they did when they came from the ground, or off an animal. Any processing, cooking, spicing should be done by you. Whole, unprocessed foods are easiest for our bodies to digest. Eating easily digestible foods saves energy that we can then use to get in a great lift or go about our day.

Whole foods include fruits, vegetables, meats, nuts, eggs, etc. Whole foods don't come in a box. One of my favorite, energy-giving super foods is chia seeds. Chia seeds (found near the vitamins in my commissary) can be hydrated and eaten or hydrated and put in a smoothie/drink for a great pre-workout boost as they provide a steady source of energy.

---------------- After some thought, I realized that long blog posts are a bore. If you are curious about any post, please feel free to comment/email me and I'll gladly explain in more depth. Up next: Energy Management Part 2: Don't DRAIN Energy

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