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Energy Management: Part 3

Energy Management: Part 3: Fuel YOUR Body

Peak performance and energy management are all about YOU. What are your performance and energy needs? Based on your lifestyle and body, your needs are unique from every other person's. Stellar, energy giving foods are available near you. Some of the most powerful include: chia seeds (energy seeds), maca (hormone booster and balancer), coconut water (natural Gatorade), gogi berries (complete amino acid provider), and organic fruits and vegetables (food of God). Before considering these, identify your own energy needs.

To determine energy needs, most people go to the calorie calculator. Fortunately, you can be far more personal and precise than that. I can teach you to read your body’s communications. To start, answer the following: When is your energy highest during the day? When is it the lowest? Are there activities which give you energy (or take it)? Are there foods which cause an energy crash an hour or so later? Do you regularly need caffeine? Do you have cravings?

A health coach can guide you through this process, but you don’t need us! Do your own research by trying the Breakfast Challenge. Eat a different breakfast every day for one week. Take notes immediately after eating, how satisfied are you? What is your mood? Then 2-3 hours after eating, how satisfied are you? What is your mood?

Sample breakfasts for the challenge:

Day 1 oatmeal with banana and nut butter

Day 2 boxed cereal with milk

Day 3 eggs with bacon and/or veggies

Day 4 green smoothie

Day 5 coffee and bagel

Day 6 pancakes

Day 7 your normal breakfast

Listen to your body and take notes! Immediately after eating, how satisfied are you? What is your mood? Rate your energy level on a scale of 1-5. Answer these questions again 2 to 3 hours after your meal. Soon, you'll discover your needs, whether you thrive more on carbs or more protein. You'll discover which foods give you an energy spike, then an energy low. Some foods leave you hungry. Use the results of what your body is communicating to tailor your own eating plan that supports your energy and lifestyle needs. For me, eggs with veggies and chipped deer leaves me feeling energized and keeps me satisfied for 4 hours or more. Discover your best breakfast and set yourself up for peak performance every day!

Cheers to a more powerful, energized and higher performing you.

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