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#1 Fitness and Nutrition

Total Force Fitness

Fitness is the cornerstone of a successful military career and the foundation of a healthy lifestyle. A soldier must be ever-ready to deploy, fit to fight for our national defense. As stated by Admiral Mullen, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Total Fitness is holistic, it is far more than just physical. Total Fitness is a 'state of being' which ensures soldiers are ready to deploy and to handle the challenges associated with deployment. Holistic Total Fitness encompasses an idividual's boldily health-> they cannot be sick, they must be balanced. It encompasses a person's financial fitness-> the soldier cannot be focused on crumbling finances at home while they are in the middle of a conflict. This total fitness encompasses family strength-> the soldier must know that their family is secure. It includes relational health-> soldiers must feel cared for and appreciated. Total fitness is also mental health-> a soldier must be stable, with a positive attitude and clarity of thought. Of course, total fitness includes a high level of physical fitness for a soldier-> he or she must be ready to close witht the enemy and to win. Our soldiers cannot be, "too fat to fight."

This holistic approach to health, readiness and resiliency equates to the definition of nutrition used here. Nutrition is a state of healthy resilience which enables you to handle life's challenges. You can resist sickness, disease, stress, and emotional pain. Nutrition and fitness encompass the wellbeing of the whole person, and are not limited to diet and exercise. Currently, our military force sees many cases of PTSD, depression and those who are "too fat to fight." These issues don't exist in isolation, not one be treated with a pill. They demand a holistic approach, a dedication to help the whole person in all aspects of their life, not just treat an 'isolated' issue. Our military is getting better each day at identifying and providing the resources our forces need to be fit to fight. It is now providing opportunities, resources and programs to keep military members, their families and their communities happy, healthy and totally fit.

Proper nutrition and fitness are critical to our force and to our nation. Having proper nutrition and fitness means that we are happy, motivated and strong. It means we are resilient, ready and constantly improving. It means we are fit to train, lead and fight. It means we are best able to serve our nation and our fellow soldiers.

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