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#2 Happy New Year

Have you made a resolution to better your health this year? In the past week, radio & podcasts have been abuzz with the following: The most common New Years resolutions are all health related: lose weight, exercise more/better, etc. If you fall into this category, take a second to think about what you could do for your health and the health of those around you.

Have you thought about taking time to set your fitness and nutrition goals?

How about finding a health coach to support you in achieving and giving due attention to these goals?

Perhaps you want to supercharge your health journey through your own education with the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. It's food for thought.

--------- Stay Tuned. The next posts will include a 3 part series on energy management (without energy drinks!) and proper fueling for your workouts. As always, please feel free to email me any topic requests you have for this blog. Cheers!

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