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Why I love ObamaCare

Why I love ObamaCare

Surprisingly, my love of ObamaCare has nothing to do with any of the reasons it was passed in the first place. From my perspective, ObamaCare has no relationship with health care and everything to do with medical care, but for that matter your previous “Health Insurance Coverage” was no different.

So why do I love ObamaCare? The ObamaCare high deductibles will finally force the American public to take responsibility for their own health. ObamaCare Silver and Bronze family plan deductibles are $6,000 and $10,386 respectively (WSJ 2/24/14). In other words, co-pays are gone and you must pay with after tax dollars for all your health care up to $6,000 or $10,386 before one penny of ObamaCare insurance kicks in. This may come as a shock, but it is reality. For example, a typical doctor visit will set you back approximately $500. Multiply this 2-3 times with your other family members and you will become hesitant to visit the doctor.

Doctor visit $120

Lab tests $300

Medicine $100

Total $520

America is a capitalist society and when us consumers realize how expensive medical care has become we will look to cut costs. The American consumer is a powerful economic force and when we move our money in alternative directions, medical professionals, government and economists will take note. So when high insurance deductibles, poor health and poor diet exceeds the American means, a change will come about.

How do I know this? A recent client whose insurance is provided by ObamaCare commented that she would much rather spend her money figuring out what was causing her aliments, rather than go to the doctor yet again for more tests and medicine. She wanted to try an alternative method of healing and turned to a health coach. Making a few changes to her diet and lifestyle has cost less than one doctor visit and will improve the quality of life for the rest of her life. She is just one example, multiply this many times over and ObamaCare will change the way Americans take care of their health.

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