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  • Jolie McShane

"Go Ahead, Eat Boxed Cereal for Dinner"

And while you are at it, toss boxed cereal into your green smoothie too…

Brought you by the Makers of Breakfast Cereal

Sad for our society, this is the new marketing campaign from the makers of Special K Chocolate Almond and Cinnamon Toast Crunch. Kellogg Company, the largest seller of cereal in the US is zeroing in on what they call off-breakfast eating. Since 20% of cereal eating happens outside of breakfast, Kelloggs wants those consumers to “not feel guilty”. Their new advertisements feature cereal eating during video gaming, dinner time and late night snacking. They also encourage you to add breakfast cereal to your green smoothie to “increase fiber”.

Is Kelloggs desperate to increase sagging cereal sales or what? As reported by the Wall Street Journal (Thursday June 19), sales for the past 14 years have been flat and are now decreasing by a whopping 3% in the previous 12 months. Whoop, whoop, us Certified Health Coach’s are celebrating, the food revolution is working. Americans are tossing the cereal boxes (I call it old food) for more nutritious options like eggs, yogurt and green smoothies!

Hence the recommendation by Kelloggs to toss cereal (aka old stale food) into your smoothie. Their claim is to add “higher fiber content”.

I have a better idea, toss the expensive, old, sugary, chemical laden, GMO junk food and enjoy the power of fresh, energy providing, delicious unprocessed foods.

My latest in season favorite:

Honeydew melon, fresh mint, water or coconut water. Toss in the blender and enjoy!

For a fuller version, add full fat canned coconut milk and greens of choice.

For athletes add chia seeds or maca.

See the Wall Street Journal article here:

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